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Every journey starts with the first step, so you just made yours.

Feeling sad, overwhelmed, stuck, emotionally drained and not sure of what to do? Have you tried different things, but it just doesn’t seem to be helping? Have you been struggling with the same emotional problems over a period of time? Have you been thinking may be is time to talk to someone, but do not feel comfortable? Yes, is time to seek professional help. Therapy can make a difference.

SA Counselling Services

At SA counselling services, we provide a warm, nonjudgement and compassionate environment. We strive to meet you at your point of need in your most difficult times
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    Problem solver

    Family psychology

    Elderly couple issues

    Depression treatment

    Couple counselling

    Stress issues

    Anxiety disorders



    You will receive the sole attention of the therapist. This results in very focused and intense treatment with complete confidentiality.



    Children learn new sets of skills to develop and have a 'toolbox' of coping skills to apply to life situations and problems.



    Group Therapy provides a safe environment for each member to provide support and propel you forward for life's challenges.

    SA Counselling Services

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      Counselling can change everything

      Provides a space to explore what you need to be able to expand, let go of the past, find direction, and explore your process without having to worry about anyone else.
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